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Hello my name is Florian Teatiu. Tahiti has been my very first playground. Born and raised on the island its natural elements have forged my love for sport and movement. The grass under my feet, the sand between my toes and the ocean waltzing my body taught me how sport can carve character, happiness and fulfilment in anyones’ life.


I am a qualified Personal Trainer and EXOS performance coach as well as a Professional Model and Sportsman. Pursuing a professional career as a ballet and contemporary dancer and also as a rugby player, I love to  share my passion and knowledge to others. From pro athletes to people new to fitness training , I base my programs on movement performance to build you a personalized  skill base that lets you achieve your fitness or sporting goals.


Having fun while working out hard is the best motivational ingredient. Hence during my trainings I use playful drills and exercises to get you through the tough challenges. While using my athlete background as an expertise. Spotting your weaknesses and brushing them off to make you the perfect all rounder!


You are more of a team player? You will want to try this training! Combining partnering exercises and pushing yourself as an individual within a group you will achieve your goals through spirited challenges.


Sometimes we need more time to get deeper into the fundamentals of movement and skills. These  competences will bring you the ability to understand your body and boundaries and use your mental fitness as an extra tool.


Team building, productivity and happiness is what you want for your company? Sport is an amazing tool to get that bond and joyfulness within the group. Your crew will go through drills that includes team spirit, solving problems and exercising as a unit.


Based in Hamburg, Germany I provide one on one Personal Training, Group Training, Specific sports skill set training and High Performance Sports Training.  I use Personal Training qualifications with my professional athlete background as a ballet dancer and rugby player and my sport expertise to coach you. Having fun while sweating out hard is the best combination, and I make sure it happens in my training! Get ready for a full blow of Aloha vibes, motivation and a joyful fitness program . Sweat, smile and succeed.





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